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C.A.M.P - Compassionate Awareness & Mindfulness for People with Pain & Anxiety




8 Weeks


Feb. 27 - April 16 

6:00-7:45pm/EST. on Zoom

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About the Course

The lived experience of pain is felt on multiple levels: physical, mental-emotional, social, economic, and spiritual. 

In this 8-week program, we explore Mindfulness, Compassion, and Somatic practices to fuel our own inner strengths, capacities, and possibilities.  The gentle mind-body-spirit skills we develop support us in balancing our nervous system and building inner resources to find calm in the storm. 
In the C.A.M.P. program we create a safe community in which we feel empowered to share the realities of experiencing an invisible illness. The C.A.M.P. community setting is a salve for the fear and distress we experience living with pain. 


What Participants Say

“Thank you for the great program! I thought it was a nice balance of exercises and info. The Zoom format seemed to go very well!” (S.)

“Sooooo good! This class is full of so much useful information about pain and strategies to help us both manage and alleviate our pain experience. The leaders are compassionate and caring and have a great deal to offer. So very worthwhile.” (J)

“I enjoyed being part of this wonderful group and it was always a pleasure to share my experiences and listen to others, as I learned a lot from everybody. Even though we experience pain differently, we all learned to use the tools to make pain work together with us and not see pain as our enemy, as something to be afraid of.” (D.)

“I want to thank you for offering this C.A.M.P pilot project. It was well appreciated and it was wonderful to listen to both of you. The weeks went by fast and we all formed a little community together. We are who we are and that is what makes this group so special.”

“I really enjoyed this. I am also doing a MBSR course and I felt this was much more accessible (time limit was the perfect amount/ presentation of experiences are abundant/discussions being optional). More felt safety with the group and engagement on my end.”

“The people who attended the class were all at ease and willing to share their weekly experiences. It was a wonderful group and I learned a lot also from them, as well as the teachers.”

“The knowledge and experience offered about how we enhance our pain and how not to, and the compassionate presence of Elise and Deborah were the most valuable pieces of the program.”

“Teacher-student interactions and support as well as a "we're with you" and "we'll keep trying to help" attitude made all the difference.”

“The meditations and exercises were very good. The suggestions on how to look at pain were helpful. Scientific information was helpful. Student teacher interactions were supportive and helpful.”

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