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All Services are offered In-Person and Remote 

Prior to our first session, please complete the Intake forms here.


To make an appointment please contact me at: or 617.792.7066

* For in-person sessions, please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to your appointments (no jeans or belts).

Thank you.

Deborah has helped clients decrease back and neck pain, TMJ, alleviate anxiety and stress, increase deep relaxation so that healing can take place. (See testimonials) She treats all clients as a collaborative partner in a confidential, safe, and nurturing environment.

FREE 15 minutes Initial Consultation

To discuss any issue/s you would like to address, and to answer any questions.  Please call or use the contact page to arrange a time.  

Reiki/Energy Healing

1 hr, $50 

As an Usui and Holy Fire® Reiki Master and trained in the Melchizedek Method (a high-vibration healing method), Deborah offers an in-person or remote therapeutic approach to help balance and release emotional and physical blockages to assist in healing and creating a sense of well-being. Therapeutic dialogue, guiding a client to connect with their Inner Wisdom, may also be integrated into the session to help a person find greater connection to their body and answers they are seeking.


Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Emotional Release

This gentle in-person or remote therapeutic method releases chronic tension and pain, injuries, whiplash, TMJ, and physical and emotional trauma stored in the body. It gently releases deep tensions from your jaw, head, neck, spinal cord, and whole body, and calm the nervous system to promote ongoing healing. Guided therapeutic dialogue with the body may also be incorporated to assist in the process. Therapeutic exercises or yoga poses may also be taught to promote physical alignment and balance. If in-person, the session may be combined with neuromuscular massage to assist with deep tissue release.

Healing from the Core

Trained in Distance Healing From the Core®, Deborah offers a unique combination of "energetic healing hands" while guiding clients to connect with their body's inner healing wisdom to release emotional and physical pain and stored trauma. Grounding and body scan techniques are also taught to facilitate feeling more centered, embodied, and supported throughout each day. This is offered both virtually and in-person.

Stress/Pain Management

Certified in guided imagery and certified in meditation through Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, as well as having studied Insight Meditation with a Zen monk and taken the Mindful Self-Compassion Program developed by Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff, Deborah provides a variety of guided meditations for physical relaxation, a regulated nervous system, inner calmness, chakra healing, mindfulness to find joy in small moments, pain and stress management, and a safe place to promote relaxation, a sense of safety in the body, and healing. Breathing exercises are often taught with meditation exercises. Deborah also assists clients in creating routine protocols to help with stress management and sleep promotion. This is offered in-person or remotely.


Reiki for Hospice

Hospice work is dear to Deborah's heart. Deborah has vast experience as a Usui and Holy Fire® Reiki practitioner from volunteering on the Oncology Unit at Brigham and Women's Hospital and in a home care hospice program to working as a Manager of a Hospice Volunteer Program and training other Reiki volunteer practitioners and running Reiki study groups. She was also part of a panel at the Reiki Conference in Boston, educating others about the benefits of Reiki in hospice. She offers offers compassionate support to those in need, both in-home (within certain towns) or distant for family members and those on hospice. If in-person, Reiki may be provided either hands-on or above the body to facilitates relaxation, calmness, sleep, and decreased pain.

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