For your safety and welllness, only Distant Energy and Distant Craniosacral Therapies are offered at this time.

Prior to our first session, please complete the Intake forms here.

In-person Initial and Follow-up appointments are not available until the clinic reopens.

I’ve helped clients decrease back and neck pain, TMJ, alleviate anxiety and stress, increase deep relaxation so that healing can take place. I treat all clients as a collaborative partner and practice methods that are always confidential, safe, and nurturing.


FREE 15-minute Consultation

15 mins.

Schedule your free phone consultation to learn more about how together we can transform your wellness using Holistic Healing. An opportunity to ask questions, talk about where you are at physically/emotionally/spiritually, and your goals. I will provide you with a recommended plan for your healing journey.

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Distant Energy and/or CranioSacral Therapy 

45 mins.- $60   ​(Payment method via Paypal, Venmo)

Because we are all made of energy, we can easily connect to one another's energy in distant healing to work on releasing energetic blockages, physical and emotional tensions. I am trained in the healing energies of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki and other high vibration energies of Metatron and Melchizedek Method, as well as Akashic Records. I am also trained in distant CranioSacral and Somatic Emotional Release. I feel excited, passionate and grateful to serve by offering a combination of these techniques or your preferred technique. People have felt decreased anxiety, a sense of relief and calm, and reduced pain. We will talk before and after via phone or Zoom and may use Zoom during the session.

Enjoy healing from the comfort of your own home!


Initial Appointment

1 Hr, 15 mins. - $100

During your initial appointment, we begin to get to know one other and to discuss where you are physically/emotionally/spiritually, what your goals are, and answer any questions. The remaining hour will consist of treatment and recommendations to help guide and support you in your healing journey.


Follow Up Appointments 

1 Hr - $90

Before each session, we will discuss your health history, including any changes, as well as your goals for the current session, followed by post-treatment information and recommendations. A session flows with what you need at that time. It may consist of combining two or more techniques and treatment modalities, or the session may focus primarily on teaching and practicing ways to increase self-compassion, change negative thought patterns, and cope with stress, anxiety, and/or pain.



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