Holistic Healing with Deborah



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Schedule your free consultation to learn more about how together we can transform your wellness using Holistic Healing. An opportunity to ask questions, talk about where you are at physically/emotionally/spiritually, and your goals. I will provide you with a recommended plan for your healing journey.

15 mins.

FREE 15-minute Consultation

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Reiki (pronounced “rake’ ee”) is a technique that allows participants to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy” to improve health and enhance the quality of life.  A Reiki session may start with a guided mediation and be combined with guided imagery and body dialoguing if appropriate for you. Reiki’s benefits include relaxation and a sense of well-being. Many people have reported decreased pain, improved sleep, and a feeling of peace. Reiki is now offered in many hospitals throughout the country due to these benefits. Clients are fully clothed and the practitioner's hands are gently placed on or just above the body.

30 min. - $50, 1 Hr - $75



An integrative healing session flows with what you need at that time. It may consist of combining two or more techniques and treatment modalities. It may be Reiki and craniosacral therapy and learning to dialogue with the body through guided imagery to release physical and/or emotional tension. Craniosacral therapy may be combined with neuromuscular therapy/deep tissue work, with therapeutic exercises and stretches provided to release muscle tension and improve flexibility and strength.  Or the session may focus primarily on teaching and practicing ways to increase self-compassion, change negative thought patterns, and cope with stress, anxiety, and/or pain.

1 Hr - $90

Integrative Healing


CranioSacral Therapy Is a gentle, light touch approach to assess, rebalance, and optimize functioning of the central nervous system by releasing deep restrictions throughout the body, brain, and spine. Often clients feel deeply relaxed during these sessions. This is a great tool for concussions and whiplash, to decrease neck and low back pain, TMJ, anxiety, and to  improve sleep. The person wears comfortable, loose fitting clothes for the session. 

1 Hr - $90

CranioSacral Therapy