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Distant Energy Healing


Distant CranioSacral Therapy

I am trained in the healing energies of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, Angel Healing, Arcturian healing, Quantum Healing, and the Melchizedek Method. I am also trained in CranioSacral Therapy. I feel excited, passionate, and grateful to serve you to help you in your highest good!


If you would like to book an appointment or have questions, please contact me., 617.792.7066

Availability: Tues. - Thurs.

 Session Time: 1 hr.

Cost: $135

What is distance energy healing and distant Craniosacral therapy an how does it work?

The convenience of a distance healing sessions is you get to relax in the comfort of your own home and treatment is still just as effective as if you were with the practitioner face-to-face. We do not need to be together in the same location. Time and distance is not a barrier as we are all energy and connected thrugh energy. There is no separation, we are all one. All I need to do to is energetically connect with you and send you healing energy and remotely work on you as if you are physically in front of me ad my hands are on you. I often imagine as if you are in front of me and place my hands where they are drawn to. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Do I need to be doing anything special during my session?

At first we may talk using the phone, Facetime, or Zoom so I know what you would like to receive from your session. Sometimes I will guide you through a meditation at the beginning of the session or if you prefer, you can simply lie back and listen to your choice of relaxing meditation, music, or quiet.  I will send healing energy with the intention to heal and support you in whatever way is best for you at that time. Often a client has a specific healing intention, such as releasing physical or emotional pain that he or she has been struggling with, or sometimes just a need to feel calm and centered. 

It is always best to be in a comfortable, undisturbed place for your session so that you can relax and be open to receive, with cell phone off and anything else that may disturb you. The most important thing is to have your intention set to be open to receiving the healing energy.

What does a session feel like? What can I expect?

Everyone’s experience varies. Most commonly, people report feeling warmth or cold, waves of energy, tingling, pulsations, deep feelings of relaxation, and muscle tensions relaxed. Others may notice that they sleep better that night or feel calmer, lighter, or in less pain an hour or so later. One client told me that the blockage in her ear released 45minutes later. Another client told me that next day she was able to sleep in because she had less back pain. It's important to remember that when I begin a session, I always state may it be in your highest good and the energy and my hands are drawn to where it is best for you at that time.

What do you do during the session? What does it feel like for you?

During our session, I am in a quiet, undisturbed place usually in a meditative state. I begin by saying a prayer of intention and a blessing while I state your name. I energetically connect with you by connecting with your higher self, scanning your body and energy field, and then focusing in on the specific healing you requested, and any other areas of need that have been intuitively shown to me. During this time, I might be working on your physical/etheric body, pulling unhealthy energy out of you, bringing healthy energy in, balancing chakras, clearing your aura, or anything else that I’ve been guided to do. Every session is unique and personalized to the individual I’m working on.


What happens at the end of the session?

When I am done with your session, I will call and talk with you about any important information that came forward for you, as well as areas the healing energy had me focus on, along with any other intuitive information that I may have received.

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