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Every session with Deborah is not only healing, but is transformative as well. She has a way of knowing exactly what you need and helping you in a way no one else ever has. Love her!




- Margaret K.

My cranio-sacral and reiki session with Deborah was very helpful and just lovely.  Hip pain has bothered me on occasion since a car accident awhile ago.  My hip pain was gone and my whole body felt calmer. I could feel the trauma of that event release.  I also feel more focused and the sense of calm has maintained since my treatment. Deborah feels the energy in your body to help release the trauma and instill calm. Deborah also has a background in OT and suggested a great exercise to keep my hips aligned. A cranio-sacral treatment with Deborah is so worth it!"



- Brenda S.

After having received many treatments with Deborah, I can say that she is an extremely skilled, thorough and detail-oriented practitioner. As a practitioner in a similar field, I am extremely selective about the practitioners I see. She always asks what my goals are at the beginning of the session, and I feel that I am heard and have a role in my own healing. She uses her deep understanding of anatomy to work in a gentle and targeted way which always honors my sensitive system. I trust her completely. She has a gentle and compassionate way of being and I always feel that I can completely let go in her sessions so that I can fully receive the benefits which lead to a deep sense of peace afterwards. I frequently have new insights during and after her sessions which put me back into fully living my life. I am so grateful!"



- Jennie F.

Deborah is a gifted practitioner. Her intuitive sense led her directly to the spot in my neck that's perpetually bothering me. Her technique in helping to ease the pain was one that I'd never experienced before. Finally, I've found someone who can help my chronic neck pain!


 - J.M.

I've had both cranial and energy work with Deborah several times. Each time, I've left feeling lighter and energized, yet relaxed. My mood lifted and I was freed from the aches I had before our session. Her soothing voice, easy demeanor and healing hands are a great comfort to me. I could easily visit Deborah weekly!

- Jodi B.

I love your Reiki work and found it so helpful for me, as is your wholistic approach to healing by teaching me natural anti-inflammatory remedies and exercises to decrease the pain I had. It was dramatic how quickly the pain decreased and I was even able to sleep through the night again. 



- D. 

Deborah instantly made me feel so comfortable. She works from the heart. I was able to open up to her and talk to her so easily and she gave me "tools" to use at home for me to continue to work on my healing process. 

- S.

"Every time I see Deborah, I am amazed at how great I feel. She has an intuition that gets right to the root of the problem. She has helped address issues like stomach pain, inflammation in my abdomen and pain in my neck and shoulders. Her warm presence and gentle touch get profound results. I highly recommend her!"

                                                                                                      - Claire

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