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Archetype Visualization

31  mins.

This visualization uses healing images to transform and release trapped, troublesome emotions and memories. Before beginning, you may wish to choose one negative or unpleasant emotion that you want to transform and heal, or allow a negative emotion to reveal itself when prompted.


5 Senses Grounding Meditation

4  mins.

This exercise quickly grounds you into the present moment when you feel anxious or distressed by paying attention to each of your 5 senses. 5 things that you see 4 things that you feel 3 things that you hear 2 things that you smell 1 thing that you taste


Autogenic Relaxation

12 mins.

A guided mediation that uses simple phrases to elicit a relaxation response in the body, mind, and entire nervous system.

mindfulness meditation_edited.jpg


23 mins.

We all have a “monkey mind”.  This meditation can help create calmness amongst the mind’s chaos so we are less likely to get derailed by our thoughts and emotions.

inner wisdom.jpg

Inner Wisdom Visualization

23 mins.

There  is great wisdom within each of us. Connecting with the aspect of ourselves is empowering, reassuring, and connect us to our intuition. Before beginning this, set an intention, such as gaining an answer to a question or problem, or perhaps see what arises during the process.   

(Intro, music by David Rogers)


Self-Compassion Guided Meditation

8  mins.

Grab a blanket and enjoy the guided meditation as you wrap yourself in self-compassion.

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Let Yourself Be Breathed

14  mins.

Often we hold our breath or hyperventilate when we are stressed, but when we stop and allow our breath to breathe us, calmness and feeling supported can comfort us.


Safe Place Meditation

30 mins.

This meditation guides you through creating your own special image that gives you a feeling of comfort and safety. With practice, you will easily & quickly be able to recall this image at any time when you need to feel safe and calmed.


Tree Imagery

11 mins.

This technique increases awareness of the connection of body and emotions, noticing how even subtle shifts in movement may create shifts in emotions. 

sensation of pain.jpg

Mindfully Observing the Sensation of Pain

20 mins.

Everything changes, including our sensations of pain. This technique helps to decrease fear of pain as you learn to objectively observe how it changes while learning to feel safe in your body. 

Observing Our Thoughts.jpg

Observing Thoughts Journaling Exercise 

9  mins.

Have your journal ready and some cotton balls (or a bag or box of small objects) as we count our thoughts. This exercise guides you to just observe thoughts for what they are - words - and to gain awareness of them. As we gain awareness we can amore easily detach from the stories and thoughts.

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Meeting Pain Meditation

30 mins.

When someone lives with chronic pain, it is easy to become fearful of it. Fear of pain often holds people back from going out and causes a disconnection from the body. This 30-minute visualization gently guides you to understand and change how you perceive the sensations of pain to reduce fear of pain. I hope this helps you to begin to feel the power of you, not pain.


Body Scan Meditation

20 mins.

Reconnect with your body to find a sense of calmness. If you have trouble feeling parts of your body, place a tennis ball under each body part to bring your awareness to that area.


Body Awareness Guided Imagery

11 mins.

This technique increases awareness of the connection of body and emotions, noticing how even subtle shifts in movement may create shifts in emotions. 


Spinal Breathing

20 mins.

This meditation may decrease back pain. It increases circulation and gets energy flowing in your spine.

Vase Painting

Finding Pleasant Sensations

5 mins.

This short meditation guides you to finding a place of comfort within your body to help decrease anxiety and restore a sense of calm and healing.

Creating Your Container

15 mins.

This expressive art exercise asks you to imagine what type of container you would be. Then, draw this image of a container. Then, you. are guided through a grounding and filling of earth energy exercise. At the end you are asked to draw a second picture of you as a container and to compare the two pictures. 

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