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Integrative Services

All services are offered remotely or
in-person at Soul Flower Wellness Center.

To make an appointment, 
contact me
book online.

(Please not appointments are Tuesdays and Thursdays & tend to be booked 1-2 months ahead).

*For in-person sessions, please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing (ie.tank top, loose pants or shorts) to your appointments - no jeans or belts. Thank you.

FREE 15-minute Consultation

15 mins.

To discuss any issue/s you would like to address, and to answer any questions.  Please call or use the contact page to arrange a time.

Reiki/Energy Healing

1 Hr. - $145

As an Usui and Holy Fire® Reiki Master and trained in the Melchizedek Method (a high-vibration healing method), Deborah offers a therapeutic approach to help balance and release emotional and physical blockages to assist in healing and creating a sense of peace, reduced anxiety, improved sleep, a sense of well-being and reduced pain. Therapeutic dialogue, guiding a client to connect with their Inner Wisdom, may also be integrated into the session to help a person find greater connection to their body and answers they are seeking.


CranioSacral Therapy

1 Hr, to 1 Hr. 30 mins.  - $145- $170

Developed by an osteopath, Dr. Upledger, CST uses gentle touch techniques to the spine, head, neck jaw, and whole body to relieve tension, pain, and to allow the nervous system to calm and return to a state of well-being. This is effective work for people who experience chronic pain, anxiety, or residual pain from injuries, car accidents, TMJ, whiplash. Therapeutic exercises or yoga poses may also be taught to promote physical alignment and balance.

Somat0-Emotional Release

1 Hr to 1 Hr, 30 Mins. - $145 - $170

Emotions are stored in our body. SomatoEmotional Release, often combined with Reiki or Craniosarcal Therapy, utilizes guided “inner dialogue” and feeling of sensations to reconnect with the body to facilitate release of emotions, physical tensions, and residual effects of trauma stored in the body. It is releasing how the body is presently storing an emotion and experience without having to relive the event. In-person or remote sessions are available. 

Coaching for Stress, Anxiety, or Pain Management 

1 Hr  - $145 

Certified in guided imagery and meditation, Deborah uses mindfulness and relaxation practices alongside traditional occupational therapy. Because emotional experiences are stored in the physical body and our thoughts impact our body and perception of ourselves and all that is around us, work is proactive and collaborative to find inner calmness, comfort in your body, and empowerment to live your life more fully. Deborah teaches customized stress-reducing practices such as breathing, nervous system regulation, somatic experiencing, and cognitive behavioral techniques, as well as, meditation/guided imagery, pacing, and protocols to facilitate healing, greater self-confidence, resiliency, and ease in your daily life.

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