"Deborah feels the energy in your body

to help release the trauma and instill calm."




Heal in the comfort of your home 


Together we create a plan to meet you goals and to give you a greater sense of well-being. As a licensed Holistic Occupational Therapist and Reiki Practitioner with over 20 years of experience, I use integrative body work (Cranio-sacral therapy, neuromuscular massage, somatic experiencing, therapeutic yoga), energy work, and mindfulness techniques to treat the whole person to reduce physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. During a session I’m intuitively guided to use my skills to release a client’s physical tension, blocked emotions, and alleviate pain. I also help clients feel empowered by teaching pain and stress management techniques, as well as how to connect with one's inner wisdom to find a sense of ease, clarity, self-empowerment, and more  connected to one's authentic self. 

I work with clients who experience some of the following:

  • Chronic Back and Neck Pain

  • Migraines, Headaches, Concussions, TMJ,

  • Pain from Dental Work

  • Stress, AnxietyPTSD

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Medical, Physical, Emotional Trauma

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Wanting to feel more grounded and centered

  • Wanting to increase intuition

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Learn new ways to cope with stress, anxiety, &  pain

Decrease physical & emotional pain

Increase self-awareness and self-compassion

Feel centered and grounded in your body

Learn to calm and balance your nervous system

Learn to connect to your inner wisdom

Holistic Services Offered

Distant or In-person

Reiki &

Psychotherapeutic Reiki

Naturally process and balance energy on conscious and subconscious levels 

Meditation/Guided Visualization

Find inner calmness and empowerment

Distant or In-person Craniosacral Therapy

Gently release deep tensions from jaw, head/neck, whole body, spinal cord, and calm the nervous system

Neuromuscular Massage

Release specific muscle tensions with deep tissue work

Somatic Emotional Release

Learn to connect  and dialogue with your body's inner wisdom for guidance to answers and to release emotional & physical blockages

Therapeutic Exercise

Decrease pain and realign the body with  strength and flexibility

Deborah A. Rogers,


Hello. Holistic Occupational Therapy is an emerging specialty that integrates Mind-Body-Spirit and Health and Wellness Promotion. OT is already a holistic field in which one is trained in mental health and physical disabilities to address many aspects of individuals and their lives.


I started as an Occupational Therapist and have 20-years of experience working in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, mental health programs, and hospice. I am certified in Holistic Health, meditation and guided imagery; and I’m an Usui and Holy Fire III Reiki Master and a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher.


I became interested in an holistic approach to healing from my own healing journey with chronic pain from three back surgeries, complications, and having to learn to walk again. I learned to use pain as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment. From meditation, mindfulness, yoga, journaling and energy work and body work, I began physically healing as well as understanding and transforming how I coped with pain. I learned how to feel safe in my body, decrease my over-aroused nervous system so that my body could be in a restorative state to physically heal, embrace self-compassion, and reclaim my life. 

The body, mind, and spirit have wisdom that we are not trained in this society to take time to stop and listen to. It is my passion to work with others to help guide them to reconnect to their authentic self, learn tools for their healing journey, and feel a sense of hope, empowerment, fulfillment, and well-being.







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