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A Bit About Me

As a licensed Occupational Therapist

I am trained in mental health and

physical disabilities. Also certified as a

Trauma Professional and in Holistic Health,

Meditation, and Usui & Holy Fire® Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing, I have over 20 years of experience working with several populations with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, such as: chronic pain, arthritis, head injuries, strokes, spinal cord injuries, anxiety, schizophrenia, cancer. My work experiences span hospitals, clinics, home care, running a hospice volunteer program, and designing and directing a program for people with mental illnesses, including developing and leading groups in meditation, coping skills, cognitive behavioral techniques, and expressive arts. I am also certified in teaching yoga.​

In a session, together we create a sacred space and determine a plan to work towards your promote health and wellness. I bring compassionate care to a session, integrating traditional and holistic healing approaches to not just put a bandaid on a problem, but get to the root of the problem and help a person reclaim his or her life. I believe in the power of the body as a tool for healing and often interweave gentle bodywork of Craniosacral therapy and energy healing, sometimes neuromuscular massage for specific muscles, with Somatic Therapy. During a session we may also have a "conversation" with your body to further facilitate the release of physical and emotional pain, and to strengthen the connection to your body’s healing power. We may also decide together to incorporate Strengthening & Flexibility Exercises, Mindfulness, Guided Imagery, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, and techniques to decrease anxiety so you can feel more ease, joy, and reclaim the healing power of YOU!


I became interested in a holistic approach to healing after a spinal cord injury and three spinal surgeries and complications in which I was bedridden for two years, spent 5 years learning to walk again, and was left with chronic pain. As an adjunct to medical care, I learned to use pain as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment. From meditation, mindfulness, yoga, journaling. energy work and body work, I began physically healing as well as understanding and transforming how I coped with pain. I learned how to feel safe in my body, embrace self-compassion, and calm over-aroused nervous system to a restorative state so that my body could physically heal and I could reclaim my life. 

Read more of my personal story here, where I have also updated my Long Covid story, or listen to my journey in the video interview: A Holistic Approach to Pain.

Wishing You Joy, Love, and Health


My personal medical trauma
led me to Holistic Healing

Deborah's Credentials & Trainings


Volunteer Experience

M.S. Occupational Therapy, Columbia University

B.S. Psychology, UMASS, Amherst

Holistic Health Certification

Certified Trauma Professional

Certified Integrative Trauma Somatic Therapy

Yoga Teacher, 200-hr- RYT

Meditation Certificate, The Power of Awareness, Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield 

Lightarian, Usui, and Holy Fire Reiki Master

Hospital Reiki Practitioners Certification, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Volunteer Vigil/Reiki Practitioner for Hospice

Volunteer Reiki Practitioner, Oncology Unit, Brigham & Women's Hospital


Internal Family Systems

Neuromeningeal Manipulation I, An Integrated Approach to Trauma

Visceral Manipulation Abdomen I, II

Cranial Sacral Therapy I, II

Somatic Emotional Release I & II: Cranial Sacral Therapy Tools for Gentle Trauma Resolution

Somatic Experiencing® in Training, Peter Levine

Sensory Modulation and Trauma-Informed Care, Tina Champagne, OTR/L, OTD

Healing Trauma Through Yoga

Psychotherapeutic Reiki Training, Richard Curtain, MSW, Liz Disterhoft, LCSW

Long Distance Healing Sessions: 5-Pillar Formula Intensive, Healing from the Core,       Suzanne Scurlock & Lori Chinitz

The Chronic Pain Tool Box: Effective Interventions for Treating Complex Chronic Pain

Mindful Self-Compassion 8-week Program, Cambridge Health Alliance

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-week class , UCSFAssessment and Intervention     Strategies for Chronic Pain

Melchizedek Energy Healing Method, Level 5

Akashic Record and Angel Reading Certifications

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