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A Comprehensive 7-Week Program of Transformation
Is it hard to calm your nervous system and thoughts that spiral in your mind?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Do you find it difficult to breathe due to emotional distress or physical illness?
Have you been told you have Dysautonomia, Chronic Fatigue, Shortness of Breath, or Exercise Intolerance?
Do you experience post-COVID symptoms and now a long hauler?

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Coping with Long COVID or  
Anxiety Program
Embrace the power of YOU.  You are a Healing Warrior!

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this program is for you.
Let's take a journey together from hardship to healing.


It is a trauma-sensitive Resource for You ​to help manage symptoms

day-by-day, every day. 

This is not your typical program. You will benefit from this program whether or not you are a long-hauler or have physical symptoms because a large part of this program teaches techniques--ones you may have never known--to cope with anxiety. This holistic, trauma-sensitive program is created by a Holistic Occupational Therapist, Certified Trauma Professional, Yoga Teacher, and a "Certified" Long-Hauler who understands that an illness affects one physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

You Will Learn:
  • About Your Autonomic Nervous System and the Vagus Nerve, Self-Regulation, Gut Health, Pacing & more

  • TONS of Breathing Techniques to calm your nervous system, help you feel centered, and retrain your lungs and diaphragm 

  • Ways to decrease Anxiety, decrease Muscle Tension, and Improve Sleep 

  • How to increase Self-Compassion, Self-Awareness, and Feel Safe in your body

  • How to manifest a future you want

  • How to create the Relaxation Response

  • How to be more present with yourself and each moment, less controlled by thoughts and emotions 

  • Slow-paced, Graded Exercise & Walking Video Program: Learn how to prevent high heart rate and shortness of breath, reconnect with your body, working with it, not against it to build strength and endurance


Plus Interviews with an Exercise Physiologist from Brigham & Women's Hospital & a HeartMath Practitioner


Instant Access   Self-Paced Videos    10 Worksheets & Handouts
17 Yoga Breathing Techniques for Easier Breathing & Decreased Anxiety    Weekly Progressive Exercise Program     18 Guided Meditations    2 BONUS videos when you sign up   1 year unlimited access

In less than 2 months you will have more resilience, peace, self-compassion, and tools for a strong foundation for healing and for every aspect of your life. 

All of the material is accessible by video format with downloadable handouts and worksheets. Most videos range from 15-30 minutes each.  Weekly "webinars"/informative videos and interviews with practitioners are 45-60 minutes. There are 7 modules. When you sign up, you will be able to login into the site and instantly access your course. You can go through the course at your own pace for one year, revisiting the material any time. 

Stormy Skies Over a Lake

First Week 

Program Informative Videos:

Changing how we label ourselves

7 Ways to Build Your Body's Foundation


Journaling Exercise & Meditation:

Embrace the Power of You

Physical Exercise:

Yoga for Neck Back, & Shoulders

Core Strengthening #1

Core Strengthening for back & abs #2

Beginning of Sample Progressive Exercise Program paced to            prevent symptom flare-ups


Breathing Exercises:

Grounding in the Body

Belly Breathing A - All about the Autonomic  Nervous

        System & Vagus Nerve

Belly Breathing B - Instruction/Meditation


COVID-19 Resources 

Above the Clouds

Second Week 

Program Informative Videos:

Pacing/Activity Tolerance



Building Self-Compassion

Physical Exercise:

2 Arm Exercise Videos in Supine

1 Leg Video - Beginner with instruction how to Progress

Exercise Videos are Slow--paced with breathing breaks to

    prevent symptom flare-up

Sample Progressive Exercise Program paced with breathing to

    prevent symptom flare-ups

Breathing Exercises:

Breathing Pose 1

Breathing Pose 2

Breathing Pose 3 for  Easier  Breathing 

Expressive Art Exercise:

To help use your imagination to feel calmness

Worksheet & Handout: 

Energy Conservation & Activity Tolerance worksheets with Informative Handout to use with Pacing Video

Tropical Leaves

Third Week 

Program Informative Videos:

Gut Health & Inflammation


Organ Healing Cleanse

Physical Exercise:

1 Arm Exercise Video Seated (with or without resistance)

2 Leg Videos Supine & Quadruped; Seated & Standing with

   instruction in modifications and how to Progress.

Exercise Videos are Slow--paced with breathing breaks to

   prevent symptom flare-up

Sample Progressive Exercise Program 

Journaling Exercise:

How to dialogue with your body

Breathing Exercises:

Not Diaphragmatic Breathing, but 360

      Diaphragmatic Breathing!

Coordinating Breathing with Movements

Coordinating Breathing with Walking Upstairs


Good Nutrition & Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Fourth Week 

Program Informative Videos:

Talk with Exercise Physiologist about her program and Brigham & Women's Dyspnea Clinic & How to Progress with Exercise


How to Find Pleasant Sensations in Our Body Despite Symptoms

Physical Exercise:

Walking Program Introduced 

Guided Walking Video 

Sample Progressive Exercise Program 

Breathing Exercises:

Chest Openers

Coordinating Breathing with Walking

Yoga Pose for Dysautonomia & Anxiety


Tips for Managing Dysautonomia​

Expressive Art Exercise:

How to get in touch with your Inner Wisdom

Beautiful Landscape

Fifth Week 

Program Informative Videos:

Coping with Anxiety and how to Regulate Our Nervous System


5 Senses Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation for Sleep


Physical Exercise:

Sample Progressive Walking & Exercise Program 

Journaling/Expressive Art Exercises:

Observing Your Thoughts Guided Exercise

Creating Your Container

Breathing Exercises:

Yoga Breath Technique

Worksheets & Handouts: 

Getting Good Zzzzs

Thought Renovations

Sunrise on Nature

Sixth Week 

Program Informative Videos:

Interview with HeartMath Practitioner about Heart & Brain  Coherence for better health & wellness

Shortness of breath and mask wearing - It's not always due to anxiety. 



Inner Smile

Physical Exercise:

Joy Through Movement

Sample Progressive Walking & Exercise Program 

Breathing Exercises:

2 Yoga Breathing Techniques

Journaling Exercise:

Observing Your Emotions Guided Exercise


Your Emotional Body

Wild Nature

Seventh Week 

Program Informative Videos:

Tong Ren and Meridians


Let Yourself Be Breathed

Awareness Without Judgement

Physical Exercise:

Sample Progressive Walking & Exercise Program 

Breathing Exercises:

2 Yoga Breathing Techniques, 1 specifically for anxiety

Journaling/Expressive Art Exercises:

Time Capsule

Overcoming Obstacles

You Did It! What's Next?


Program Evaluation


2 Special Videos

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