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Adrenal Insomnia: Ways to Stop Adrenal Surges that Interrupt Sleep

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Let's talk about sleep, my friends. We all need it and most of us don't get enough of it.

Adrenal surges can be a BIG reason for interrupted sleep patterns. Adrenal rushes can cause feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, shakiness, and even restlessness as the hormones are rushing to prepare the body to take action, but unfortunately, at the wrong time.

Here are some ways to calm the mind and body, prevent adrenal rushes, and support a better night sleep:

1. Go to bed before you feel the “wave” of fatigue. If you push yourself past this wave, your body’s adrenaline rises to push you through the fatigue.

2. Don’t engage in a stressful conversation or TV before bed. This can “rev” you up and increase adrenaline.

3. Magnesium Citrate or a combination of Magnesium in pill form, lotion, or spray on feet may help calm the Nervous System & relax muscles.

4. Review meds with your MD. Some create adrenal rushes at night.

5. Pace yourself during the day. Be careful not to get “tired and wired”.

6. Create a calming bedtime routine. Try yoga, tai chi, guided imagery, deep breathing, or calming tea like chamomile or valerian. This routine will eventually cue your body that it is time to sleep.

7. Turn off the computer and phone 1 hour before bed. The blue light activates the brain.

8. Try CBT for Sleep. Insomnia Coach is an app based on CBT and provides a guided, weekly training plan to help you track and improve sleep.

9. Before bed, visualize your body and mind calming down and you drifting into a restful sleep throughout the night.

10. Stop or Limit caffeine and alcohol. Try ½ cup of coffee before 9am (after a glass of water to hydrate you).

11. Use ear plugs and an eye mask to block out noise and light. Get black out curtains.

12. Make sure the room is warm before bed if you have sensitivity to cold. You can even use a heated blanket or heating pad.

13. If you wake up with your mind running, keep a journal next to your bed to get thoughts out of your mind and on paper.

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